Tub Dyeing Basics: Free PDF Download

Tub Dyeing Basics

Use this method to dye fabric or clothing, made of natural fibers one uniform or solid color. Also called Garment Dyeing or Vat Dyeing, this method can also be done in a washing machine. Fiber Reactive Dye is the dye of choice for all cellulose (plant) fibers, like cotton, Rayon, hemp, linen, Tencel®, Modal®, bamboo, etc. The chemical bond of these dyes is permanent, so once all the excess dye is washed out an infant can chew on the fabric and it will not come off! Fiber Reactive Dyes work in lukewarm water so these directions can also be used to dye batik (waxed) fabrics in successive  colors without fear of melting the wax.

Tub Dyeing Instructions Basics (FREE PDF DOWNLOAD)